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US Comfort has the power to meet all your electrical needs.

If you have an electrical problem in your home or business, you may be tempted to try to solve it yourself. However, you need to bear in mind that once you get past routine tasks like plugging in a cord or screwing in a light bulb, electrical work can get very complicated. Trying to do your own electrical work can actually be dangerous.

Fortunately, you can count on the trained professionals at US Comfort to get the necessary work done quickly and correctly. All you have to do is call us, and we’ll schedule an appointment at a time that works for you. Here are some of the services we can provide.

Lighting: Want to install new indoor or outdoor lighting on your property? We can run the wiring and add new switches and dimmers as needed.

Fans: Trust US Comfort to install new ceiling fans, exhaust fans, attic fans, and more. We’ll make sure the new equipment doesn’t overload your circuits.

Wiring: Need to replace old wiring or run new wiring to a new addition or outbuilding? US Comfort can help. We’ll make sure the wiring is code-compliant.

Troubleshooting: Not sure what’s wrong with your electrical system? Our highly skilled and experienced electricians can provide detailed troubleshooting to identify the problem.

Main Panel Upgrade: Bring an old main panel into the modern era by upgrading it to accommodate a larger electrical load.

Subpanel Upgrade: Have you run out of room for new circuits in your main electrical panel? We can add a subpanel to accommodate new circuits.

Circuit Diagnosis: Do you have an outlet or switch that isn’t working? Does your circuit breaker get tripped frequently? Let us pinpoint the problem.

Commercial Electrical: Rely on our professional electricians to meet all your commercial electrical needs quickly and correctly at a fair price.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Whether you need to install a new charging station or are having electrical problems with your current unit, US Comfort can help.

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If you need help with your electrical system, please call 800-738-4160 now. We’ll set up an appointment so you know exactly when to expect your electrician to arrive.

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