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Wall Furnace & Heater Repair Service in Los Angeles

Stay warm with expert service for your wall furnace.

Wall FurnaceIf your home or business lacks ductwork for forced air heat, a wall furnace may be a good option for keeping your property comfortable in the winter months. Wall furnaces are self-contained units that are attached directly to wall, hence the name. Most wall furnaces run on natural gas or propane and therefore require venting.

Whether you have an old wall furnace that needs service or are considering buying a new wall furnace, US Comfort can help.

Wall Furnace Service & Repairs

We know you count on your wall heater or furnace to provide reliable and affordable heating. We help your wall furnace live up to the trust you place in it with expert service and repairs. Whether you need a small pilot light adjustment or a major repair, we can help, typically on the same day you call. We can even come to your aid at night or on Sunday if it is an emergency. You can rely on our service technicians to accurately diagnose your wall furnace problem and provide an effective, reliable, and affordable repair. We fix problems right the first time—guaranteed.

Time for a New Wall Furnace?

At some point in every furnace’s service life, there comes a question of whether it is wise to invest any further money in repairs, or whether a new unit is needed. This can be a difficult assessment for the property owner to make, but fortunately US Comfort is willing to lend our decades of experience to the debate. We’ll inspect your current wall furnace carefully so we can provide you with an estimate of the cost of repairs and an idea of the amount of additional service life those repairs will bring you. We’ll always provide our honest and unbiased opinion but never pressure you to decide one way or the other.

If you do decide it’s time to get a new wall furnace, we can help you select and install the right one for your space and your budget. Don’t’ forget we offer great warranties on new installations!

Ready to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about Wall heater or furnace, or if you would like to schedule a service call, please dial 800-738-4160 now.

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