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Video Inspection

Want to know what’s going on inside your pipes? Get a video inspection.

Video InspectionThe ability to provide a detailed video inspection is a key sign of a high-quality professional plumber. While your average handyman obviously won’t offer this service, a plumber like US Comfort that is not afraid to tackle the tough jobs with technical precision will.

We have been careful to keep up to date with the latest cameras and equipment for video plumbing inspections. Of course, getting a great image is just half of the process—you also have to know how to interpret that image. Fortunately, you can rely on our highly skilled and experienced plumbers to provide thorough video inspections and present you with honest and accurate interpretations of their findings.

When to Get Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection can prove very useful in a variety of situations. For example:

  • Buying a Home: A video pipe inspection can really boost the value of your home inspection by helping to identify potential plumbing problems that could otherwise be missed during a routine inspection.
  • Finding Lost Items: Ever lost a ring, earring, cufflink, or other item down the sink or toilet? Whether the item is really valuable or just has sentimental value to you, getting video pipe inspection may help you locate it.
  • Locating Problems: Video pipe inspections can be very helpful for pinpointing small leaks or clogs deep inside pipes.
  • Assessing Pipe Quality: Once your pipes begin to develop cracks or leaks in one place, it is highly likely other pipe sections of the same age will also be at risk. A video inspection can help evaluate the condition of the pipes and determine which sections need to be replaced.
  • Checking a Plumber’s Work: Following a drain cleaning or sewer lining project, it is sometimes gratifying to see the results of the plumber’s hard work—and your hard-earned dollars—using a video inspection.

Ready to Peek Inside Your Pipes?

If you would like to utilize our video inspection services to get a look inside your pipes, please call 800-738-4160 now for an appointment.

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