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Server Room Cooling

Protect your server equipment from heat, humidity, and dirt with help from US Comfort.

server room coolingYou’ve invested a lot in your computer equipment, not to mention the data it holds and the functionalities it supports. Doesn’t it make sense to protect this investment with the very best in server room cooling? We sure think so. You can rely on our highly trained and experienced staff to help you select and maintain the right server room cooling equipment for your business needs.

What to Look for in a Server Room Cooling System

Servers and other computer equipment need to be kept cool, clean, and dry in order to prevent serious malfunctions including random system reboots, system crashes, and early chip death. This can be tricky because the equipment generates a lot of heat all by itself, and this heat will tend to create hot spots near the most sensitive equipment. Therefore, you can’t just hook any old AC system up to your server room. Instead you need a dedicated system that will provide proper air circulation as well as cooling and humidity control. For maximum protection, you will also want your server AC to be separate from the central AC and equipped with an automatic restart function.

Keep Your Server Room Cooling Equipment in Tip Top Shape

Naturally you can’t trust just any HVAC contractor with the care of your specialized server room cooling equipment. You need a true professional like US Comfort. Thanks to our 21+ years of experience in the cooling world, we have a strong grasp on the technical and practical aspects of the service you need. In other words, we understand server room cooling equipment and we know how to fix it. Plus, we know how to provide this service in the timely, courteous, and professional manner your business expects.

In almost all cases, we are able to complete the needed server room cooling repair the same day you request it. We can even come to your aid after hours in the event of an emergency issue with your equipment.

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