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Sewer Lining

Get the modern alternative to pipe replacement from US Comfort.

Sewer LiningAre you struggling with frequent sewer backups on your property? The problem is likely leaks or root intrusion. In either case, sewer lining presents a fast, affordable, and convenient solution to the problem. You can put a stop to sewage backups without having to dig up your yard or driveway to access the pipe, and the whole process takes just a few hours to complete.

What is Sewer Lining?

Sewer lining is a process that can restore the integrity and functionality of your clay or cast iron sewer pipes by reinforcing damaged sections with a new pipe liner. The end result is a pipe that is every bit as strong as the old pipe. In fact, the liner material is engineered to last for 100 years or more. The liner is very thin so you don’t have to worry about your pipes becoming constricted.

Steps in a Sewer Lining Project

  1. Identify the Problem Area. Sewer relining can be used to replace all your sewer pipe or just a few damaged portions, depending on the situation. If the damage to the pipe was caused by general aging and corrosion of the pipe, new leaks are likely to develop soon and we typically recommend relining the entire pipe as a preventative measure. If the damage had a specific cause such as root intrusion near one particular tree, we may suggest relining only the damaged portion of pipe.
  2. Clean the Pipe. Getting hydrojetting service to blast debris and mineral buildup from the sides of the pipe is sometimes suggested as part of the prep for a sewer lining project. Removing blockages ensures that the new pipe liner will be properly positioned and that the new pipe will have the maximum diameter.
  3. Prep and Run the Pipe Liner. We will cut the pipe liner to the correct size for the portion of sewer pipe to be relined. Then we will apply the self-hardening resins to the pipe liner and pull it through the pipe or push it into place with forced air.
  4. Let it Cure. After 2 or 3 hours the pipe liner will have cured in place, forming a brand new pipe inside the old damaged pipe.

Ready to Learn More?

If you would like to get a professional opinion as to the value of sewer relining for your property and an estimate of the potential cost, please call 800-738-4160 now. We’ll set up on appointment for one of our expert plumbers to come inspect your pipes and answer your questions.

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