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Don’t let hidden wiring problems put your home or business at risk.

WiringElectricity is such an integral part of modern life that many people never stop to wonder what goes on behind the walls of their home or business. You might be surprised to learn that although your electrical system seems to work perfectly, there may be some very serious safety hazards lurking behind that perfect facade. Fortunately, you can rely on US Comfort to help you keep your wiring in safe and code-compliant condition.

New Wiring

When running any kind of new wiring in your home or business, such as to a new light fixture or fan, it is extremely important to ensure the job gets done right. Otherwise you might risk issues such as overloading a circuit or even exceeding the power of your electrical panel. At US Comfort, our licensed electricians have ample experience with installing new wiring. We’ll take care to make sure that every detail is completed correctly the first time to protect you from risks of fire or shock.

We Correct All Kinds of Wiring Problems

Left unaddressed, faulty wiring can cause all kinds of problems, from the minor nuisance of frequently overloading outlets to the major risk of fire from arcs on exposed or damaged wiring. Fortunately, you can correct all kinds of wiring problems in the quickest and most cost-effective manner possible with help from US Comfort. We frequently fix problems like:

  • Outdated knob and tube wiring
  • Old aluminum wiring
  • Ungrounded outlets
  • Exposed wiring
  • Electrocution hazards
  • Lack of GFCI outlets or AFCI circuits
  • Code violations

Get an Electrical Inspection Today

So how do you tell if your home has wiring problems or other electrical hazards that need attention? You need to get an electrical inspection. At US Comfort, our licensed electricians have the skills and experience required to perform detailed and thorough inspections. You can rely on us to provide an honest assessment of the state of your home or business property’s wiring and electrical system, along with an accurate estimate for the necessary work.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this service is only needed in older homes—electrical codes in the US are updated every three years, so even in a newer home you may code violations or safety issues that need correcting.

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