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Electrical Panel Replacement And Upgrade

Get the power and reliability you need with a main panel upgrade.

Main Panel UpgradeDo you know what the electrical load of your home or business is? Probably not. You may not realize you are exceeding the electrical load either, at least until you start experiencing problems. Fortunately, you can improve the capacity and safety of your home’s electrical system with a main panel upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

The most common reason to upgrade the main electrical panel is that the existing panel simply does not provide enough power for your needs. This is often a problem in older homes, because the amount of electricity used by the average American family has more than quintupled since 1950. Older homes may also have outdated panel designs featuring screw-in fuses.

Even if you have a new home and a new electrical panel, you may still need a main panel upgrade if you plan to significantly increase the amount of energy you’ll be using. For example, maybe you want to install air conditioning or a hot tub. If your current panel does not have enough additional capacity to accommodate your new equipment, you’ll end up having problems with circuit breakers tripping all the time.

Why Trust US Comfort

At US Comfort, we take great pride in providing the very best service, both on a technical and a personal level. You can rest assured our electricians will not only complete your main panel upgrade correctly, but also respect you and your property while they’re doing it. They will always be on time for appointments and they will clean up after the work is complete. We are so confident in our electricians’ work that we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Get an Electrical Inspection Now

Unless you happen to know a lot about electrical engineering yourself, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you need a main panel upgrade. Fortunately, U.S Comfort can help. Our licensed electricians can come out to your property and evaluate your electrical load. If your main panel has less than 200 amps to spare, we would then recommend upgrading it.

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