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Blast your sewer pipes clean with our superior hydrojetting service.

hydro-jettingDo you have recurring problems with the drain lines on your property? Maybe you seem to have chronically slow drains, or maybe you end up with a sewer line backup every few months. You need more than just your basic drain cleaning. You need hydrojetting service from US Comfort.

What Is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a specialized drain cleaning procedure that utilizes streams of high-pressure water to blast away sewer pipe blockages. It is especially helpful for types of buildup and debris that other methods can’t remove, such as mineral buildup and tree roots. Hydrojetting may also be necessary to clean pipes out in advance of sewer pipe relining.

What to Expect at a Hydrojetting Visit

When you call US Comfort for hydrojetting, you will be given a pre-booked appointment time and you can expect your plumber to show up on time or even a little bit early. They will bring the hydrojet equipment with them, which consists of a large tank of water and a machine that pressurizes that water up to 3500psi. After locating your main line sewer cleanout, the plumber will insert the hydrojetter nozzle into the pipe and spray upstream. The debris that is dislodged will then harmlessly flow back down the pipe and into the sewer. We always clean up after our work and we never call it a day until the client is completely satisfied.

What If Hydrojetting Isn’t Enough?

While hydrojetting can be the perfect solution for many types of pipe blockages, there are a few drainage problems that can’t be cured with hydrojetting or any other type of drain cleaning. For example, if your pipes are not properly graded, they will never drain correctly. Obviously, sewer pipes that are actually crushed, sheared, or broken will not drain right either—instead you’ll end up with a soggy spot in your yard or a sewage backup in your basement. Fortunately, US Comfort can diagnose these problems with video inspections and other tools and provide other solutions such as repiping that will improve your drainage.

Call Now for Hydrojetting Service

To schedule hydrojetting service, all you have to do is call 800-738-4160 . A friendly representative will set you up with an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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