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PEX Repipe

PEX repipe service is a faster, better way to replace old pipes.

pex repipePEX, or crosslinked polyethylene, is an exciting new option for home and business plumbing. This durable, versatile, high-density plastic piping offers many advantages over other materials. PEX pipe:

  • Does not corrode
  • Resists scale and chlorine
  • Will not develop pinhole leaks
  • Helps reduce water noise
  • Does not transfer heat for improved energy efficiency

A PEX repipe can also be completed much faster than a copper or PVC repipe. Why? Because PEX requires fewer fittings and couplers. It comes on a spool so much longer lengths of pipe can be installed in one piece, and it can bend 90 degrees so no elbow joints are ever needed.

How to Tell If You Need Repiping

The best way to tell if your pipes need to be replaced rather than repaired is to consult an experienced plumbing contractor like . We can provide a video inspection to assess the quality of the pipes if needed.

Why Choose US Comfort

A repipe of any kind is a big project, so naturally you want to be sure you’re choosing the right plumber for the job. Choose US Comfort because:

  • We Know PEX: PEX is an amazing material with many benefits, but it does have to be installed carefully and correctly in order to deliver the durability and reliability you expect. At US Comfort, our plumbers have the skills and experience needed to provide superior quality PEX repiping.
  • We Offer Financing: Delaying a repipe due to concerns about the cost of the project can easily backfire. If a pipe fails while you are saving up for a repipe, you may end up with thousands of dollars worth of damage. At US Comfort, we try to make sure this doesn’t happen to our clients by offering excellent financing including 12 months zero interest, so you can get your PEX repipe right when you need it.
  • We Respect You & Your Property: Our plumbers always arrive on time for their appointments, wear shoe covers upon request, and clean up after themselves while working. Each plumber is friendly and courteous and will never make you feel foolish for asking a question about your plumbing.

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To learn more about PEX repipe for your home or business, please call 800-738-4160 now to set up an appointment with one of our expert plumbers.

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