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Why Choose US Comfort for Air Conditioner Repairs

6 reasons to call US Comfort when you need help with your air conditioner.

Why Choose US Comfort for Air Conditioner RepairsThere may be many companies out there that will offer fix your air conditioner when it breaks down, but there’s only one US Comfort! Here are the most important things you need to know about our air conditioner repair service.

We Offer Emergency Service

It’s not always convenient to wait for regular business hours to get your air conditioner fixed. Maybe you live alone and you can’t afford to take off work to stay home to meet the air conditioner repair guy, or maybe you run a business and you need your air conditioner back up and running before your employees and customers return to the property. In any case, you can rely on US Comfort to provide fast and effective emergency air conditioner repair any time, 24/7. We carry lots of commonly used spare parts on our trucks to increase the chances of resolving your problem in a single visit.

We Have Expert Technicians

While all air conditioners work on the same basic principles, every brand and model does have its quirks. Fortunately, our technicians have ample training and experience on all kinds of air conditioning equipment, so it’s going to be next to impossible for any AC problem to stump us. Whether you have a central AC unit or a ductless air conditioner, we can help.

We Arrive On Time

At US Comfort, we respect our clients’ time so we always make sure to be punctual for service appointments. If we are ever not on time it is probably because we are early! Most of the time we can provide service the very same day you ask for air conditioner repair.

We Speak Your Language

Before beginning work, we always want to explain what we plan to do to the client to ensure that they understand and consent to the repair. Because we speak English, Spanish, French, and Arabic, we can explain AC problems and solutions clearly and simply to many clients in words they understand.

We Do Quality Work

Of course, all the attentive service and communication in the world is no substitute for quality repair work, and fortunately we have that too. Our experienced technicians always take the time to fully inspect the system before deciding on a course of action to make sure the air conditioner repair we complete is reliable and effective. We stand behind our work and strive to make every client happy.

Our Prices Are Fair

One final reason to choose US Comfort for your air conditioner repair this summer is that we have fair and affordable prices. You can rely on us to fix exactly what is needed and not try to upsell you on any unnecessary parts or service.

Schedule your air conditioner repair now by calling 800-738-4160 or using our online contact form.

Posted on May 30, 2015

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