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Water Heaters

Get the best performance from your water heater with professional service from US Comfort.

Water HeatersAre you experiencing any of the following problems with your water heater?

  • No hot water
  • Not enough hot water
  • Rusty or smelly water
  • Leaky valves
  • Noisy water heater
  • Corroded water tank
  • High energy bills

You can get a fast, affordable, and effective solution to any of these problems—and more—from the water heater repair experts at US Comfort.

Fast & Friendly Water Heater Repairs

You may wonder why you should choose US Comfort to repair your water heater rather than any other plumber. Well, at US Comfort we believe we simply offer the best quality repairs and the best service experience to our customers. Starting with the friendly phone rep who schedules your appointment, you will be treated with courtesy and respect every step of the way.

Our plumbers always show up on time and make every effort to fix your water heater problem in a single visit. This doesn’t mean they rush the repair—instead they take the time to make a thorough inspection of the system to make sure they have correctly diagnosed the problem and identified the best solution before beginning work. All of our repairs are backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

Without regular professional attention, your water heater could easily become clogged with sediment and even suffer a tank failure, which would cause significant water damage to your property. Fortunately, US Comfort can help you keep your water heater in excellent condition with annual water heater maintenance. The typical maintenance visit would include:

  • Complete system inspection
  • Thermostat check & adjustment
  • Gas line & pilot light check & adjustment
  • Anode rod check & replacement—anode rods draw corrosive elements away from tank walls to help prevent leaks
  • Tank flush—to remove sediment and minerals that would otherwise cause noise and odors and limit efficiency

Is It Time for a New Water Heater?

Of course, even with expert care, every water heater will eventually reach the end of its service life. If you are considering a new water heater, US Comfort can help. We can provide honest advice about various new water heater options, including tankless water heaters. We can also provide professional installation to make sure your water heater is set up for many years of reliable service.

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Whether you have an emergency or a routine water heater need, you can count on US Comfort. Just call 800-738-4160 now to get an expert plumber sent your way.

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