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When you think of your average plumber, you probably picture a grubby individual whose pants tend to sag alarmingly low while they’re at work. When you hire US Comfort, this is not the type of plumber you are going to welcome into your home or business.

We are the company that is going to revolutionize the way you think about what a plumber should look like and how plumbing service is provided. There is nothing sloppy or grubby about us. We are a well-organized company, which allows us to pre-book appointments and arrive on time or even early. Our plumbers always present a neat and professional appearance, and they will even offer to put on shoe covers before entering your home or business to protect your flooring.

Our plumbers really care about your satisfaction, so they are always careful to provide the best quality of work so you get lasting solutions to any and all plumbing problems. In addition to providing all the services you expect from a plumber, such as fixing toilets and installing faucets, US Comfort also provides the following specialty services:

Drain Cleaning: When you have a clog, we can clear it. We also provide routine drain cleaning to help keep your pipes clean and reduce the risk of future clogs.

Water Leaks: Stop leaks fast with emergency plumbing service from the pros at US Comfort. We provide lasting solutions to leaks to leave you with worry-free plumbing.

Water Heaters: We solve all kinds of water heater problems with expert water heater repair. We also provide maintenance and tank flushes to help keep your unit in top condition.

Copper Repipe: You can rely on our skilled plumbers to update your home or business plumbing with new copper pipe for decades of reliable service.

PEX Repipe: For a faster repipe and lower labor costs on your project, we also offer PEX repiping. This material offers many advantages over metal or PVC pipe.

Gas Leaks: We take gas leaks seriously, launching a fast response as soon as you call for help, even in the middle of the night, on a holiday, or on a Sunday.

Hydrojetting: For the most thorough drain and sewer pipe cleaning possible, we use hydrojetting equipment to blast debris and buildup from pipe walls.

Trenchless Pipe Repair: If underground pipes on your property need repair or replacement, avoid the hassle and mess of digging with our trenchless pipe repair.

Video Inspection: Our video inspection technology is a very helpful diagnostic and preventative tool—we can use it to pinpoint existing leaks and evaluate pipe condition from the inside.

Sewer Lining: Restore the strength and integrity of underground sewer pipes and vertical pipe stacks in high-rise buildings by running a new inner pipe lining through them.

Water Purification: Enjoy fresh, clean, good-tasting water in your home or business with our water purification systems. We can install equipment and provide maintenance.

Commercial Plumbing: Work with US Comfort once and you’ll never want to call another commercial plumbing contractor again. We meet all your needs quickly and cost-effectively.

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