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Feeling Frozen This Summer? Try These Tips to Use Less AC

4 ways to feel cooler without cranking up the AC

Feeling Frozen This Summer? Try These Tips to Use Less ACExperts agree: America is over air conditioned. Architects, engineers, building owners, and energy experts all bemoan this fact, as do individuals who are tired of the absurdity of putting on a sweater to go shopping for a bathing suit at the local mall.

Unfortunately, despite the amount of discomfort excessive air conditioning causes—not to mention the wasted money and energy or the impact on our planet—it is not likely to stop any time soon. According to researchers who study indoor air quality, cold has cachet, especially for businesses. The ability to keep the AC cranked all summer long communicates an aura of power and prestige. And you may have noticed yourself that luxury stores tend to be colder than more down market options. For example, Neiman Marcus is always colder than Target, Whole Foods is colder than Van’s, and so on.

But, even if you have to suffer the summer deep freeze when you’re out on the town, there’s no reason for you to feel uncomfortable at home!

The following tips can help your home feel cooler without using more AC. You’ll save energy and be more comfortable—it’s a win-win!

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans do an amazing job of making rooms feel cooler by circulating the air. If you don’t have a ceiling fan in your bedroom or family room, get one now! Or, consider a whole-house fan for better circulation in every room. The best way to make sure your ceiling fan is installed properly is to let the pros at US Comfort handle the job. Our licensed electricians will make sure everything is hooked up properly and even set the fan so it spins the correct direction for cooling (you can reverse the fan in winter to help rooms stay warmer).

Open Windows at Night

Opening the windows is another way to improve air circulation in your home, which can help you feel cooler. Obviously you will only want to do this when outdoor temperatures are at or below your desired indoor temperature. For the best cooling boost, open windows in pattern that creates a cross-breeze.

Get Better Blinds

Solar heat gain is a major problem in summertime. If you have rooms with south or west-facing windows, you need to be sure to invest in quality window treatments that will keep the sun’s heat from turning certain rooms into ovens. Otherwise, you will probably have to crank up the AC and then any room that does not get warmed by the sun will turn into a freezer!

Improve Your Insulation

Another way to resist solar heat gain is to improve your attic insulation. This helps reduce the burden on your air conditioner so you use it less, and pay less for your cooling too. Call US Comfort at 800-738-4160 to get your insulation analyzed and see if new insulation could help you enjoy a cooler home and a reduced energy bill.

Posted on July 22, 2015

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