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Evaporative Cooler Vs Air Conditioning; Which one is better for you

The most important question of this summer is, between an air conditioning unit and an evaporative cooler, which is a better option for you. 

Both have advantages and disadvantages, which makes this important decision more complex and difficult. Well, do not panic, as we are here to help you make the right decision for a cool and relaxed summer. 

So sit back and read further to know what you should go for the coolest summer ever. 

The climate of your surroundings 

The first thing that hugely impacts your decision of getting an evaporative cooler or air conditioning unit is the climate of your surroundings. It is an important factor that you should definitely consider. 

Before calling for the air conditioning or evaporative cooler service, analyze the space and the average temperature of the area you live in. If it is densely humid, you may want to go for an air conditioning unit. On the other hand, if the climate is dry, then the evaporative cooler is a much better option for you. 

The air conditioning unit is better at decreasing humidity in a closed space also Furthermore, the evaporative cooler will add moisture to space. Although, for an open space, the evaporative cooler is perfect, as the air conditioning unit can be used only in a closed room.

Level of cooling temperature  

Another important factor that plays a big part in answering this difficult question is the level of cooling you want. If you want complete control over the level of cooling you want in a room, then you should go for an air conditioning unit. Although, an evaporative cooler is a much better option for you, as it will automatically cool off a space on the basis of the temperature and humidity levels. 

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency 

This part is fairly dominated by evaporative coolers, as they are energy efficient and more affordable than any air conditioning unit. 

An evaporative cooler is cost-effective in the long run as well. It requires less energy to function. Moreover, it is easy to maintain. It is a perfect combination of cost-effectiveness and efficiency. 

Environment Factor 

Nowadays, people are more environmentally conscious than they were a few years ago. Well, they should be, as climate change has severely affected the earth in many ways. We should always be inclined towards environmental options. 

If you completely agree with this statement, then you should definitely go for an evaporative cooler service. Apart from being cost-effective and energy-efficient, it is much more environmentally friendly as well. 

On the other hand, air conditioning units are known for their toxic and harmful impact on nature. They produce harmful gases and are definitely not energy efficient. 


After considering all the above pros and cons of air conditioning and evaporative cooler service, you can make the final decision based on your requirements. 

From being economical to energy-efficient, evaporation cooler service seems like a better option. Although, if you are confused and sceptical about the decision, contact Uscomfort.com for an expert opinion. 

Posted on June 15, 2021

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