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Don’t Let Water Hammer Ruin Your Plumbing

US Comfort can provide expert plumbing repairs to correct water hammer problems.

Don’t Let Water Hammer Ruin Your PlumbingHave you ever heard of the water hammer effect? Many homeowners haven’t—until it is too late! Fortunately, the expert plumbers at US Comfort can provide fast and effective plumbing repairs in the event of a water hammer problem, as well as services to help protect your pipes and fixtures from experiencing the water hammer effect again in the future.

What’s So Bad About Water Hammer?

The water hammer effect is the result of a pressure spike that can occur inside of a pipe when a water valve is closed suddenly. Basically, what happens is the water that is flowing along the pipe suddenly has to halt. It slams up against the closed valve and has to reflect back away from the valve, but once it does, it runs up against increased pressure from the water further back in the closed pipe. This sets off lots of vibrations that shake the pipes and cause lots of noise. However, the real problem is not so much the noise as the fact that these vibrations can be very damaging to pipe fittings, plumbing components, and even appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Over time, excessive vibration may cause leaks and water damage to your home. The water hammer effect is more pronounced and more damaging in homes with high water pressure.

Is That Noise Water Hammer?

If you have noisy pipes, you might wonder if water hammer is to blame. One easy way to tell is to check whether the noise occurs when you open a valve or close a valve. If the noise happens upon opening a valve, the noise is most likely caused by air in the pipes. If the noise corresponds with a valve closing, then it is almost certainly water hammer.

Correcting Water Hammer Problems

Depending on what’s going on at your property, there may be several ways to address the water hammer issue. The two most common options include installing a pressure reducer at the main water valve for the home or installing a water hammer arrestor in the affected plumbing lines. You can rely on the expert plumbers at US Comfort to help you make the right decision for your needs and your budget. We can also assist with any pipe repairs that may be necessary due to past water hammer problems.

Posted on April 30, 2015

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