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5 Reasons to Love Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning offers many excellent benefits in a simple and affordable package.

5 Reasons to Love Ductless Air Conditioning Ductless air conditioning has been popular in Europe for many years, but here in America many people are just now getting introduced to this technology. Ductless systems work just like a regular central air conditioner, except there is no need for a system of ductwork to deliver the cooled air. Instead, the air comes straight out of an air handler mounted in the wall or ceiling of the room. Multiple air handlers can be connected to one outdoor unit to cool multiple rooms.

Ductless air conditioning can deliver some excellent benefits, whether you’ve never had central ac in your property or whether you’re not quite satisfied with your existing central ac.

Here are the top 5 reasons to love ductless air conditioning.

It Can Expand Your Living Space. Do you have certain rooms in your home or business that are just too warm to use comfortably no matter what you do? Ductless AC can help. It is an excellent option for rooms like attics, garages, extensions, sunrooms, vestibules, and other spaces that are not connected to your existing ductwork or simply don’t get cooled properly by your current system.

It Can Improve Comfort Year Round. All a central AC system is going to do is cool. Many ductless air conditioners, on the other hand, can actually double as heat pumps. This means that you don’t just get a boost to your cooling in the summer, you also get some heat in the winter.

It Can Increase Your Home Value. If a prospective buyer sees window AC units in your home, that’s definitely going to cut down on the perceived value. They may even ask you to cut the price to compensate for the cost of installing central air. However, if you install ductless AC, they won’t be able to justify a price cut for central air and you should get a better sales price.

It’s Clean and Efficient. Dust and debris can sneak into air ducts from attics and crawlspaces, contaminating your indoor air. But with ductless AC, you never have to worry about this. You can enjoy excellent air quality as well as more efficient operation since no cooled air will be lost during a long journey through the ductwork.

It’s Cheap and Easy to Install. Perhaps the biggest reason to love ductless air conditioning is that it delivers all these great benefits at a very low initial cost. Ductless units can cost thousands less than central air, and you will also save on labor costs because there is no ductwork to install.

If you’re interested in adding ductless air conditioning to your home or business, please contact US Comfort at 800-738-4160 today.

Posted on May 26, 2015

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