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4 Possible Causes of—and Solutions for—Low Water Pressure

Learn how US Comfort can help improve your water pressure with expert plumbing repairs.

4 Possible Causes of—and Solutions for—Low Water PressureDo you have water pressure problems in your home? Whether you are tired of it taking forever to fill your big pasta pot at the kitchen sink or sick of showering under a pitiful trickle, US Comfort can help. Our expert plumbers can come troubleshoot your water pressure problem and recommend an appropriate and affordable solution.

Here are 4 possible examples of what could be causing your low water pressure and how we could fix it.

Problem: Dirty Aerators. Most kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as showerheads, include an aerator screen to reduce splashing and filter out any debris that might be in the water. If you have hard water, minerals will build up in the screen and this can reduce flow.

Solution: Cleaning or Replacement. You really don’t need our help to clean your aerator screens. Just disassemble the faucet and soak the aerator in white vinegar for a few hours. But, if you would like to replace your faucets entirely, calling US Comfort will certainly make the job go quickly and easily.

Problem: Wrong Showerhead. If you have weak water pressure in your shower, and you’ve already checked for mineral buildup, the problem could be that your showerhead simply isn’t compatible with the amount of flow available in your home. This sometimes happens when people buy nice new rain shower heads. They assume the one with the most jets will provide the best shower. In reality, too many jets will spread the pressure out too much resulting in weaker flow from each jet.

Solution: Replacement. We can suggest quality low-flow showerheads that will help meet water conservation standards without condemning you to a life of wimpy showers.

Problem: Water Leak. If you have low water pressure from just about every faucet in your home, but your water bill seems high, the problem is most likely a water leak somewhere in the building.

Solution: Leak Detection & Repair. You can rely on the expert plumbers at US Comfort to find and fix even the hardest-to-find water leaks. Some problems, such as a leaky pipe connection, can be fixed in one visit, while other problems like a slab leak will require a more significant repair.

Problem: Pipe Corrosion. Over time, water pipes can become corroded and/or clogged with mineral buildup, which will reduce the water pressure. If your home has old pipes and you sometimes notice brown or rusty water coming from your faucets, pipe corrosion is a likely culprit.

Solution: Pipe Replacement. Whether you are interested in repiping with copper or with innovative, durable, and cost-effective PEX pipe, US Comfort can handle the job with ease. You can count on us to do expert work at a fair price and leave your property clean afterwards.

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Posted on September 11, 2015

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