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Break free of the grid with the help of electricians for solar equipment.

SolarAre you looking for a licensed electrician with special expertise in solar equipment? Look no further than US Comfort. Our dedication to staying on top of the latest technical developments in the industry has resulted in an entire crew of electricians who understand the unique electrical challenges and benefits that come with all kinds of solar equipment.

Expert Solar Installation

To the layperson, solar power may seem deceptively simple. While the process of capturing energy from the sun is pretty straightforward, things get complicated when this energy must be converted into a form that is compatible with your electrical system. Fortunately, you can rely on US Comfort to provide superior solar equipment installation, including proper inverter and battery setup. Not only do we understand how to efficiently harness electricity generated by solar equipment, we also understand the many code requirements that govern solar systems in both residential and commercial settings. The result of our knowledge and experience is a worry-free solar system for your home or business.

Solar Equipment Troubleshooting & Repair

If you are having an electrical problem with your solar equipment, don’t hesitate to call US Comfort. We have ample experience working with all kinds of solar equipment and we can help pinpoint the cause of your problem and provide a lasting solution. We carry many common replacement parts like inverter and battery cables right in our service vehicles to help expedite the repair process, so you can get back to enjoying your clean solar energy as quickly as possible.

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